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  • Give your child a smile they deserve for free

  • Turn that frown upside down (Birthday/Recognition)

  • Have a local kids event you want to promote or need support?

About Smile per Mile

At Smile per Mile, we are committed to providing free one-way prom rides and special event sit-and-ride-around-the-block photos for underprivileged children between the ages of 7 and 17 in the Fleet, Farnborough, and Aldershot areas.  I am a Father of 2, who owns a 2007 World Rally Champion Replica Subaru and am using it to provide smiles per mile for those that need it most!

Latest News

What's Happening?

Smile per Mile was created to provide underprivileged kids with a smile on their faces in the Fleet, Farnborough & Aldershot areas of North Hampshire. 



As a hard-working dad of 2 and an impeding mid-life crisis, I wanted to find a fun way to give back to the local community through one of my own passions. Decide to build a replica World Rally Championship Subaru Car. I am not a mechanic, I enjoy driving. I owned one in 2006 (SUBARU IMPREZA WRX UK Special Edition) and gave it up to invest in growing a young family. The itch never went away.



I find a car that is 80% of what I need to accelerate the project. Purchase the car. It is not road-worthy or safe.  Take it off the Road until April to get it road-worthy. The guys over at West Heath with master Subaru technicians are helping me bring the car back to life.



Build smilepermile site



Car is out of Surgery, I have nicknamed her 'Daphne' from Scooby Doo. West Heath Garage did a good job making her and her passengers safe out on the road. 

Crazy Idea shared with my company.




Invites sent to two local schools and joined national Facebook page to offer services. Bookings now available.

Secured first two bookings for June.

DBS Certificate application complete and approved

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