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Where Passion meets a new mission

As the car brings smiles per mile to kids, I wonder if we could transform the way we demonstrate the value of observing data through my passion. Using cars to demonstrate IT monitoring and observability software is not uncommon, yet I haven't seen it in any hackathon-type events and rarely participate in internal innovation events, as I am usually the one on the steering committee or judging.

It got me asking myself 'Could I bridge my passion with a tangible business outcome for my company and create an opportunity to partner with some of our talent and figure out how to demonstrate the built-in telematics and diagnostic systems with our observability platform? Showcasing dashboards, alerting, and real-time analytics through the serious power of a replica rally car, could help convey the potential applications of observability in real-world scenarios and provide new joiners an understanding and appreciation of the value and functionality of these technologies.

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